My Design Process


Scale to fit scope of the project from expert in the room design to extensive user testing and focus groups

  • Capture current state for all user flows, navigation paradigms, established information architecture and site maps

  • Review any available production data/analytics

  • User surveys

  • Competitive analysis

  • Determine key OKRs and success metrics


Stakeholder and end user ideation sessions where possible

  • Whiteboard sketching

  • Wireframes

  • Updated user flows/buy flows


Dev/Services/Product feasibility assessment

  • Outline UX/UI/IA requirements

  • Executive summary and buy-in presentation decks

  • High Fidelity Comps and Prototypes

  • Hallway or End User testing


Pixel perfect full UX/UI package files for dev

  • Ideal interaction and edge case scenario definitions

  • Finalized UI & UX design requirements with any tagging requirements for usage reporting needs

  • Success criteria and UX QA support for development


Measurement and review of usage data against success metrics

  • Post mortem on feature process

  • Iterative enhancements captured